Each year Squash Australia will be rolling out a National Coach Workshop in conjunction with the Australian Open in whichever state the event is being held that year. Along with the National Workshop each state and territory will receive their own individual workshop throughout the year.

Each state and territory will have at its disposal an member of Squash Australia’s High Performance team to run their workshop at an agreed time and location.

Squash Australia believes with these workshops the quality of squash coaching across the country will greatly improve, with continued contact between the national body and the states and territories all of squash will improve together.

Talent Development & WSF Level 2 Course

This is the second rolling out of the Talent Development Course in two years and will provide aspiring coaches who missed out last year in Melbourne a chance to upskill to a new level of coach!

We are lucky to have specialist assessor and presenter from the World Squash Federation; Peter Hirst joining us in Townsville qualifying our tutors and coaches at WSF level and they will be recognised worldwide.

For more information on specific times or locations please don’t hesitate to email [email protected]


22-26 March 2017


Dalrymple Squash Centre, Townsville, QLD